This website captures parts of our incredible thirty eight year journey of owning, showing, breeding and Judging (Sean), Burmese Cats (and others).

Burmese Cats have incredible personalities, super short, fine, close lying coats with a satin like texture and yellow expressive eyes. Some people even go on to say, some Burmese have a “wicked expression”.

Tom, one of our best ever stud cats was a real legend, his temperament second to none, as breeders and judges alike know only too well, with an entire boy, you do not take risks with other people’s stud cats and would certainly never, ever try to cuddle them or get them too close to your face, well, Tom and his kittens didn’t care for that rule.

Even children could cuddle him close by their face, kiss and tickle his belly, resulting in the legs doing a slow merry dance and the accompanying “purr…purr” sounds! He lived with us for fifteen wonderful years.

When your vet asks you how you rear your kittens, and why are yours so friendly compared to other breeders kittens in the area, you know you are getting something right, also, probably why you never need to advertise kittens, recommendations from satisfied owners speak louder than adverts.

Imperial Grand Champion Sesuane Topgun


Our new “Tom” arrived in collaboration with our good friends Janet & John Wilshaw (Rossikhan Burmese) we were given an opportunity to replace our much loved and departed friend IGr Ch Sesuane Topgun, no one would ever be the same, but Ch Rossikhan Hocus Pocus (yes we have a witch theme going) started to plug the gap, he is a wonderful boy.

Yes he has his “mad moments” playtimes, but underneath he is a sweet loving boy with oodles of confidence and personality, his picture is below, followed by a video of our 8 year old granddaughter demonstrating for judges and breeders alike how to cuddle a Burmese Stud Cat.!

He was first shown at the 2018 Suffolk & Norfolk & Burmese Cat Society joint show, he was awarded 1st Open at the Suffolk & Norfolk by Judge Elizabeth Stark and Overall Best in Show by Overseas Judge Dr Kim Cutter, also at the Burmese Cat Society 1st Open by Judge Dr Kim Cutter and overall Best In Show by Overseas Judge Mrs L Du Toit.

As far as we know, in the history of GCCF shows, no kitten has ever got open awards in each of a back to back show and then also gone on to get best in show at both of them, if you know better let me know for accuracy and correction.